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Our all-in-one system Employers Toolbox

Human Resource policies, best practices and management processes

Employment Law agreements, policies and phone support from qualified law specialists

Health and Safety compliance checks, on-site audits, handbooks and systems

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Employers Assistance has been a lifesaver for us on more than one occasion. It's comforting to know, as a small business owner, that we can call and get immediate expert advice for any HR issue we have. Even better have it explained in simple language from an employer's point of view. It's great as an employer to have someone on our side and well worth every penny. In fact it's saved us a lot of money and hassle. Thanks for the great service!...

A legally compliant, easy-to-use solution for employers

The Employers Toolbox is our cloud management system for all your Human resources, Employment Relations and Health and Safety requirements.

You can create and store your own customised agreements, forms, policies and systems securely to the cloud and access them whenever you need them.

Electronically sign your agreements all in the system. No more paper, printing or filing.

A qualified in-house legal team

We have an experienced legal team comprised of highly qualified experts in employment law. Employers Toolbox members have access to free phone support from our qualified law specialists.

Our legal team also ensure that templates are updated to stay up to date with best practices as legislation or case law or 'best practice' changes.

Secure and centralised storage on the cloud

Employers Toolbox is compatible with most browsers and devices so you can access your management tools on the move.

You can also store your existing HR and ER documents to the cloud so you can securely store everything you need in one place.

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